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About Me 

Hi, I'm Linda. I'm providing doula services in singapore.I am CBE(CBI) Certified Birth Doula. As I would like to gain more experience through supporting more ladies through their birth. I would be in the delivery room with your husband, so no worries about your husband not being able to attend your birth.

I'm a mum to three babies of which whom are given birth naturally without epidural. I gave birth to my first child without drugs, second child with only laughing gas due to some issues and third child without any drugs too. So I have the experience of what we want to achieve and expect and how to go about achieving the perfect birth without drugs.

I have done my breastfeeding counselor course and breastfed my first child for 14months+ before she self weaned.I am also tandem nursing my second child who is still breastfeeding at  3years old,going strong with my 18month old baby. Im in for breastfeed and would encourage mummies to breastfeed if possible. WHO(World Health Organisation) recommends breastfeeding for at least 2 years of age if possible.

I joined the doula profession for my interest in babies, breastfeed and birthing of child. I hope to help more ladies achieve the birth and help they needed in hospitals. I had a bad experience during birth which no ladies should go through, so i would like to help more ladies not to go through what I went through in achieving their perfect birth experience.

My doula works will all be done with nothing but love.. Feel free to approach me if you have any questions regarding birth or post partum issues. As well as how can I go about helping you with your birth.


I would be charging on a sliding rate and hope to help you through your perfect birth experience. If you are an low income family or single parent, feel free to approach me if you need help. We are able to work something out as i wish to be able to reach out to ladies whom need the service.

I am able to support any ladies with postnatal issues example breastfeeding.

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